Malta Tixotropica Fibrorinforzata Top Group

Mortar anti-shrinkage fibre-reinforced normal setting

Premixed cementitious mortar in powder, anti-shrinkage, fibre-reinforced, thixotropic, with normal setting and fine granulometry, based on cements, selected aggregates, synthetic macrofibre and specific admixtures. Conceived for the concrete structural restoration.



Grey-coloured powder



Powders packed in paper sacks of 25 kg approx.



At least 12 months in unopened packages, stored in dry places and in wooden pallets.


Top Group fibre-reinforced thixotropic mortar, pre-mixed, anti-shrinkage powder; normal setting, fine-grained, based on cements, selected aggregates, synthetic macrofibres and specific additives.

This building product has been created especially for the structural repair of concrete.


Applications fields

Thanks to its characteristic thixotropic workability, obtained from cements modified with synthetic polymers, it is a particularly suitable mortar for the following fields of application:

  • reconstruction of missing or deteriorated parts of beams, pillars, floors, steps, balconies, pediments, etc.
  • reconstruction of the cover layer, due to oxidation of reinforcement iron, in reinforced concrete structures
  • regularisation of surface defects, casting joints, holes caused by spacers, filling of rigid joints.

Preparation of fibre-reinforced thixotropic mortar

Mix one sack of TOP GROUP Fibre-reinforced thixotropic mortar with approximately 4.5 litres of clean water using a mixer, at low speed, or concrete mixer, for 5/6 minutes, until a dense paste free of lumps and well blended. Allow to rest for at least 5/6 minutes, then stir again.

Mortar application

Application is carried out by trowel or trowel, the maximum thickness allowed is 3-4 cm per layer.

Thicknesses of more than 2 cm must only be applied after placing contrasting reinforcement, taking care to apply at least 2 cm of cover.

Lower thicknesses may also be applied without supporting reinforcement, if the substrate has been previously roughened.

It will then be possible, where necessary and according to specific requirements, to skim the newly restored surface with Rasocem KR.

After hardening, the mineral, plastic, silicate or siloxane finish coat can be applied.