Rasocem KR

Skim coat for concrete surfaces, internal and external plasters

RASOCEM KR is a skim coat (compliant to the European regulation UNI EN 1504-2, according to the MC and IR principles) monocomponent, in transpiring powder, for concrete surfaces, internal or external plasters, composed of hydraulic binders, selected sands in different granulometries, synthetic binders, different admixtures and polypropylene fibre.




Grey or White coloured powder



Paper sack of kg 25



12 months at least, keeping the product in its original packaging in dry place, and taking all the precautions normally adopted for cementitious products.


RASOCEM KR building product is a skim coat, single-component, breathable powder for insulation panels, composed of hydraulic binders, selected marble sands of various grain sizes, synthetic binders, various additives and polypropylene fibers.

RASOCEM KR is suitable for the following applications:

surface regularization of concrete castings or precast panels that have imperfections, porosity, eroded or deteriorated areas of small depth
surface regularization of thermal (Thermoisol), cementitious, and dehumidifying plasters
protective coating of plasters and concrete against environmental aggression
for embedding fiberglass reinforcing mesh
adhesive and skim coat for polystyrene or polystyrene insulation panels (Coating coat)

For application methods and technical specifications, the relevant product sheet is available.