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Fastening with pin for insulating panels

Element of mechanical impact fastening for insulating panels, of 10 mm diameter in polypropylene, with nylon nail.






n° 250 pieces in cardboard box.



in dry place in its original packaging, with all the precautions normally adopted for building products


The body acts as an insulator against corrosion and thermal bridging. The complete immobilization of the nylon nail after it is assembled reduces the risk of horizontal movement and vibration of the dowel within the insulation coating system.
It is essentially used to mechanically fix the insulation panel in thermal insulation coatings, in addition to the adhesive and not as a substitute for it, and is also approved for solid bricks, solid blocks and on hollow materials (cat A-B according to ETAG guideline 014).

Body diameter: 10 mm, head diameter: 60 mm, hole depth: > 35 mm, anchor depth: 30 mm, thermal transmittance: 0.002 W/m2k, Use categories according to ETAG014: A-B (ETA 07/0291). The product is ready to use, and please refer to the data sheet for application methods.