Rete per rasature armate 160 gr

Fiberglass mesh in compliance with the guideline ETAG 004 for thermal insulating system

This is a fiberglass mesh, foamed, run-resist, alkali resistant, suitable for reinforced smoothing or for facades recovery, or for the thermal insulating system, distributes in a uniform way the tensions to which the system can be subjected (thermal surges, shrinkage, mechanical stress), improving the tensile strength and the abrasion resistance.



white, marked around its edges by a red stripe



rolls of 1,10 x 0,50 m (large package mq 55). Carton box pallet placed on wood pallet composed of 33 rolls corresponding to total 1815 mq.



in a dry place in its original packaging, takingall the precautions normally adopted for building products.


Suitable for reinforcing skim coats for facade rehabilitation or exterior insulation system, it evenly distributes the stresses to which the system may be subjected (temperature changes, shrinkage and mechanical stresses), improving its tensile, abrasion resistance. It is used as reinforcing reinforcement for skim coat (Rasocem KR), during the execution of skim coat insulation panels.

The preparation and condition of the substrates are the fundamental basis for a successful final result; the substrates must be cement-based, brick, insulating panels, etc.; therefore, they must be solid, dry and perfectly weathered; free of grease, dust rejection moisture, saltpetre and anything that makes good adhesion difficult.

Please refer to the product data sheet for all details.