Polistirene Espanso EPS bianco

Polystyrene panels for thermal insulating system

Is an insulating polystyrene foam panels (EPS), with squared or battened profiles, resistant material, shockproof, it presents volumetric stability over time.






according to the thickness:
Large package of mq 15 for 2 cm thickness
Large package of mq 10 for 3 cm thickness
Large package of mq 7,5 for 4 cm thickness
Large package of mq 6 for 5 cm thickness



24 month at least in its original packaging, far from high and low temperatures


Expanded polystyrene insulation sheet, to be used for exterior insulation systems, EPS synthesized, with squared or battened profiles, tough, impact-resistant material, exhibits volumetric stability over time. It almost fully retains its characteristics over time.

Due to its thermal insulation effect, it is suitable for exterior and interior cladding, and can be applied in new and old buildings, on substrates such as: hollow bricks, poroton, cementitious, premixed and traditional plasters and skim coats, prefabricated fiber cement panels.

It is supplied in the following sizes (in mm):

– 1000x500x20 slabs

– slabs from 1000x500x30

– slabs from 1000x500x40

– slabs from 1000x500x50

– slabs from 1000x500x80

– slabs from 1000x500x100

Thermal conductivity W/mk 0.41 to 0.34 depending on density.
More information available in technical papers.