Flex Ultra C2TES2

Improved, deformable cementitious adhesive for small and large formats

FLEX ULTRA C2TES2 is a single-component, high-performance cementitious adhesive in powder form for interior and exterior use.



Grey or White coloured powder



12 months at least, keeping the product in its original packaging in dry place, and taking all the precautions normally adopted for cementitious products.



With all the precautions normally taken for cement products, at least 12 months, in a dry place and in the original packaging.


FLEX ULTRA C2TES2 is a single-component, high-performance cementitious adhesive in powder form for indoor and outdoor use.
Classified according to En 12004 as a deformable (S2), cementitious (C), improved (2), slip resistant (T) and extended open time (E) adhesive of class
Composed of selected siliceous aggregate hydraulic binders and specific additives.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use for bonding small and large formats such as ceramics, porcelain stoneware, klinker, terracotta, stone materials, insulating materials such as polystyrene ,
rock or glass wool, cork, etc. on substrates such as cement screeds and plaster, heated floors, concrete, bricks, overlapping ceramic and stone materials, floors subject to heavy traffic, on surfaces treated with cement sheaths (Poligum ,Monogum by Plastimur S.r.l.).


For application of the product, substrates must be even, stable, hard, clean and dry. They must not be subject to severe shrinkage. Damp substrates can slow down the
setting. On gypsum substrates apply at least 24 hours beforehand a coat of Rasogress or Rasogress Plus by Plastimur srl. Cementitious screeds must have cured for
at least 28 days. Dampen with water any very hot surfaces before laying the tiles.

Mix a 25 kg sack with approx. 6-7 litres of clean water, using a trowel or a propeller mixer mounted on a drill at low speed (approx. 500 rpm); until
a homogeneous, lump-free mixture is obtained. Allow the mixture to rest for about 5 minutes and stir briefly before use.

Spread the adhesive with a notched trowel to the required thickness, taking care to press the product onto the substrate with the smooth part of the trowel. Make sure that a surface film has not formed before laying, in which case re-squeegee the trowel with a little fresh product, tapping the tiles carefully so that the tile is well wetted. Spread the adhesive also on the back of the tile so as to obtain complete wetting. Under unfavourable environmental conditions (wind, beating sun, high temperatures) the open time may be reduced to a few minutes, so it is necessary to continuously check that the adhesive has not formed a non-sticky film, otherwise rewet the adhesive. It is not necessary to wet the tiles before laying, unless they are very dusty.
TOP LATEX by Plastimur s.r.l. can be added to the product to obtain an adhesive suitable for laying tiles on extremely difficult substrates, further improving the level of adhesion and elasticity.
Tiles laid with FLEX ULTRA C2TES2 must not be washed or subjected to rain for at least 24 hours and must therefore be protected from frost and beating sun for at least 6 days.

The joints between the tiles can be grouted after 24 hours on the floor and after 8/10 hours on the wall with special grout.