Top Plan

Mortar for self-levelling Smoothing

Top Plan

    Grey powder


    Paper sacks kg 25


    The product may be stored for 12 months at least, in dry place in its original packaging and kept in dry place, taking precautions normally adopted for the cementitious products.


Top Plan is a mortar for self-levelling smoothing in grey coloured powder, composed of special cements, aggregates in selected different granulometries, synthetic binders and special admixtures.Top Plan is to apply in thickness from 1 mm and 10 mm for each coat without shrinkages, cracks and fissures, achieving an excellent compressive, flexural and abrasive strength.


Top Plan is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas, for levelling new and preexisting substrates removing the imperfections, becoming adapted for any kind of flooring.



To apply the products the substrates must be solid, steady, hard, clean, dry and absorbent. Not subject to shrinkages. Substrates which are humid can slow the grip down. Cementitious screeds must be cured for at least 28 days. Damp with water eventual surfaces which are very hot before the product application.


Mix one Top Plan sack of kg 25 with lt 6-7 of clean water with mixer or helix put in the drill at a low speed until you obtain an homogeneous lump-free paste. The dough will result very fluid and easily workable. To add water in excess doesn’t improve the workability, can cause shrinkages during the drying phase and reduce the final performances. Substrates which are smooth and not very absorbent must be prepared with mechanical abrasion or with an appropriate water primer (Rasogress Plus).


Apply Top Plan in only one coat from 1 to 10 mm with mechanical trowel or knife. Thanks to its characteristic of self-levelling it removes all the imperfections; apply possibly a second coat once the first one will be ready for traffic (12 hours at 23°C U.R. 50%). Facilitate the bubbles discharge with a bubblebreaker roller. For the parquet flooring laying it is necessary that the smoothing thickness is at least 3 mm.