Top Group

Mortar anti-shrinkage fibre-reinforced normal setting

Top Group

    Grey Powder


    Paper sack of kg 25


    12 months at least, keeping the product in its original packaging stored in covered and dry place on wood palette


Premixed cementitious mortar in powder, anti-shrinkage, fibre-reinforced, thixotropic, with normal setting and fine granulometry, based on cements, selected aggregates, synthetic macrofibre and specific admixtures. Conceived for the concrete structural restoration.


Thanks to its thixotropic workability, obtained from cements modified with synthetic polymers, this mortar is particularly suitable for the following uses:

-Reconstruction of missing or deteriorated parts of beams, pillars, floors, steps, gallery, balconies, etc..

-Reconstruction of the concrete-cover layer, due to the oxidation of the reinforcing steel in those reinforced-concrete structures.

- Regularization of superficial flaws, construction joints, holes caused by the spacers, filling of rigid joints.



Remove by manual or mechanic chipping, all the deteriorated concrete and all the unstable or detached parts, until a resistant and solid substrate is obtained, so wash carefully from dust, greases and oils. Clean the bare metal by a sandblasting or a scratch-brush, and treat it with the rust converter Top Fer and/or the passivating Top San . Wet abundantly the substrate and apply the thixotropic mortar in a maximum thickness of 3-4 cm for each coat, up to a maximum total of 10 cm. Finish the product during the grip, by a sponge felt.


Mix one Top Group sack with 4,5 lt of clean water by a mixer at low speed, or a concrete mixer, for 5/6 minutes, until a dense, homogeneous lump free paste is obtained, and let it stand for 5/6 minutes at least, then mix it again.


Apply the product by means of trowel in a maximum thickness of 3-4 cm each layer. Thickness upper than 2 cm, must be applied after the placement of contrasting irons, being carefully in applying 2 cm layer of concrete-cover at least. Lower thickness can be applied without the reinforcement, if the foundation is coarse. Later it will be possible, basing on the specific needs, accomplish the smoothing of the restored surface, with Rasocem KR. After the hardening it will be possible the application of mineral, plastic, silicate, siloxane finishing layers.