Tonacolor Silox

Siloxane coating closed-finishing

Tonacolor Silox

    36 dyes from colours chart – more than 170 colourings from Plastimur swatch book. Moreover, with the new tintometer colourization system, it is possible to obtain countless paints.


    Plastic drums litographed of kg 25 net weight


    12 months at least in its original packaging far from low and high temperatures


It is coloured mineral thick-layered coating, in paste ready to use, conceived for the finishing, decoration and protection of interior and exterior facades. It is composed of selected aggregates, inorganic pigments and specific admixtures, all bound with resins acryli-siloxane.

It is a transpiring product, resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents, moulds, algae and fungus attacks, low and high temperatures, excellent stability to water-vapour over time.

It is compliant to the low EN 15457 (fungus development resistance) and EN 15458 (algae development resistance).


Thanks to its look and its composition based on acrylic-siloxane resins, it has got an excellent adhesion on lime or cementitious substrates, on dehumidifying and mineral plasters, insulating coatings, old and new buildings; in case of renovations it is suggested to remove any eventual synthetic coating before the application



Substrates conditions and their preparation are at the base of a good result for the coloured coating (not referring to application’s performance quality). Substrates may be in cementitious base or lime; then they may be solid, dry and perfectly cured; No grease traces, dust, humidity rejection, saltpetre, and anything could compromise a good bonding.

To prevent mould developments and bacterial attacks, before the product application, it is necessary to treat the surfaces with PREVEN R50.

In case of restoration, before the application it is recommended to remove eventual synthetic coatings or damaged parts, restoring with cementitious mortar, then let cure all the adjustements effectuated before the application. Before the application, smooth the surface with RASOCEM KR, treat the substrates for all the surface at least 24 hours with adequate fixative PRIMAR SILOX based on acrylic-siloxane resins, with brush or roller, for a better workability, bonding and compactness of the final coating.


The product is in paste ready to use, already coloured, to mix accurately before the usage, wtih a drill at a low speed rotations, until you obtain a dough homogeneous.


The application is to be effectuated on substrates treated perfectly planar. Apply the product through inox trowel in the granule thickness being careful in distributing it homogenously.