Thermoisol Massetto

Lightened thermal insulating foundation for screed

Thermoisol Massetto

    light grey


    paper sacks 50 lt with closing valve


    6 month at least, in its original well-sealed packaging, in dry place on wood pallet


THERMOISOL MASSETTO is a premixed foundation with a high thermal insulating power from T1 category, fibre reinforced, very transpiring. It is composed of virgin polystyrene microspheres, flame retardant with a high density, and specific admixtures. It is a product in powder and it must be mixed with water for a manual or mechanical application, conforming with UNI EN 998-1 European low, for internal or external application.



Remove any foreign body from the floor and verify that it is coarse, clean, hard and absorbent, free from crumbling parts, oils, greases and everything that prevent a good adhesion. Prepare the possible banks to contain the casting, and soak the substrate before the laying.


Mix about 7/9 lt of water for every 50 lt sack (about 13 lt). It is important to mix all the sack contents and not just a part, because the components try to separate during the storing or the handling, because they have different specific weights.


The air temperature and the substrate temperature during the application must be between +5°C and + 30°C. Apply the product manually with a trowel or mechanically. If the product is mixed with a machine, the best mixer is the conventional one, the freefall mixer. Level the product with a slat or a wood or aluminum straightedge. For large thicknesses apply the product in several layers, when the previous layer starts the grip (about 3/4 hours). During hot period is recommended to soak the screed for 24/48 hours at least, at close intervals to avoid fast evaporation with consequent possible formation of superficial micro-cracks. Before the application of any mortar layer, it must cure for 15/20 days at least.