Super al Quarzo

Quartz Coating for externals

Super al Quarzo

    36 dyes from colours chart – more than 170 colourings from Plastimur swatch book. Moreover, with the new tintometer colourization system, it is possible to obtain countless paints.


    Tubs and Drums litographed of lt 4 or 13


    12 months in its original packaging, well-sealed, far from low and high temperatures


It is a low-thickness paint, monocomponent, suitable for the protection and decoration of interior and exterior surfaces, with high resistance to atmospheric agents, composed of special acrylic and synthetic resins unsaponifiable, pigments, micronized-quartz aggregates and specific admixtures.


Thanks to its excellent bonding, waterproofing and coating properties, it is suitable for the finishing of any kind of plaster old or new but cured, smoothings, on faced concrete, on surfaces already treated with old plastic claddings, fibre-cement panels.

All the substrates on which it will be applied have to be finished for civil purposes. Avoid the application in facade in different times and in substrates which are irregular.



Substrates have to be without inconsistent parts, solid and clean, with no oil, grease, dust or saltpetre traces, or any other else could comprimise a good bonding of the product. Any eventual crumbling substrate need to be strengthened with Albusil Consolidante. Eventual patches have to be coherent with the kind of pre-existing material. Verify that any eventual trace of old previuos paints are well based. Before the application of Super al Quarzo all the substrates have to be treated with the fixative ALBURESIN of Plastimur srl.


Dilute the product with clean water, each drums lt 13 with lt 4 of water, about the 30% for the first coat, lt 2,5-3,0 so about the 18-23% for the second one.


It is applied in two or more coats with brush or roller after the application of fixative Alburesin. To avoid eventual recovery or colours overlapping, mark with adhesive tapes (as gummed), surfaces you want to decorate. Immediately after the material laying, to obtain clean cut, it is suggested to detach the tape before the product hardening.