Lime-Marmorino Coating internal/external


    16 dyes from colours chart. Dyes apart from the chart can be requested


    Drums litographed of kg 6-25


    12 months, well-sealed in its original packaging far from high and low temperatures


It is a coloured coating in mineral paste, natural, transpiring and ecological, ready to use, conceived to obtain specular and smoothed polychrome coatings, typical of ancient decoration traditions. It is composed of lime, air binders, selected aggregates, pigments and specific admixtures. Conceived in particular for internal and external finishings, renovation of historical buildings and new buildings, where you want to turn back to the ancient decoration traditions.



Substrates have to be preferibly clean, solid and dry, perfectly flat and finished, any eventual irregularity must be removed previously with cementitious smoothing. On gypsum substrates or plasterboard panels, for a good bonding it is necessary a basing coat of RASOGRESS of Plastmur s.r.l. In case of cured substrates it is suggested to brush and damp them before the application.

Do not apply on substrates treated with synthetic coatings, damaged or inconsistent substrates. Remove crumbly parts, oil, paints traces or paints previously treated.


Product in paste ready to use. Amalgamate again before the application.


It is suggested to apply the product in two or three coats, after the RASOGRESS application in case of surfaces difficult to treat. Apply the first coat with Inox trowel in a thickness of 1 mm, being careful in obtaining a uniform thickness and let it dry for 4/5 hours; apply the second coat basing on the effect you want to obtain, smoothing tighty removing the excess material; apply the third coat like the second one to uniform basing on the uniformity of the effect you want to obtain, then press and polish with the same clean trowel, until you obtain the desired effect.