Solution for building restoration and renovation

Plastimur building products guarantee long lasting results, weather resistance and living comfort.

WATER- BASED PAINTS AND LOW THICKNESS COVERING: based on lime, quartz, silicate or siloxane; anti-mould, washables, acrylics, pools painting.

FIXATIVES, PROTECTIVES, WATERPROOFS, ANTI-CORROSIVE: for water paints, thickness coverings, anti-salt, consolidating products, liquid sheath, descaling products for plastic surface, rust converters, grout with passivation effects for plastic surface and rust protection, additives for cementitious mortars , fixing agents for ceramics, water repellent siloxane products, mono-component sheath.

ADHESIVES AND SKIM COAT: adhesive for thermal insulation system, filler for joints.

MORTARS FOR IMPROVEMENT AND FOR INDUSTRIAL AND RESIDENTIAL FLOORING: mortars for structural renovation, dehumidifying plaster, lime plaster mix, industrial quartz, thermal insulation plaster, self-levelling, osmotic mortar, mortar for joints.

SYNTETIC PLASTIC COVERINGS THICKNESS: silicate plaster, siloxane plaster.

BREATHABLE MINERAL-BASED COVERINGS: based on lime Ca (OH)2, for exterior and interior.