Selected first matters for quality building products

Plastimur s.r.l offers to building experts and to the costumers, a big range of products for any kind of demand. Thanks to a careful selection of first matters and a sever control of quality production, Plastimur products guarantee the best quality for every kind of building intervention and offer dependability, long duration and functionality. Choosing Plastimur s.r.l you can find quality solutions for any kind of building intervention: for new buildings, restoration, improvement and renewal of ancient buildings, finishing products, industrial and residential floorings.

Water- based paints and low thickness covering: based on lime, quartz, silicate or siloxane; anti-mould, washables, acrylics, pools painting.

Fixatives, protectives, waterproofs, anti-corrosive: for water paints, thickness coverings, anti-salt, consolidating products, liquid sheath, descaling products for plastic surface, rust converters, grout with passivation effects for plastic surface and rust protection, additives for cementitious mortars , fixing agents for ceramics, water repellent siloxane products, mono-component sheath.

Adhesives and skim coat: adhesive for thermal insulation system, filler for joints.

Mortars for improvement and for industrial and residential floorings: mortars for structural renovation, dehumidifying plaster, lime plaster mix, industrial quartz, thermal insulation plaster, self-levelling, osmotic mortar, mortar for joints.

Synthetic plastic coverings thickness: silicate plaster, siloxane plaster.

Transpiring mineral-based coverings: based on lime Ca (OH)2, for exterior and interior.