Bicomponent cementitious sheath


    Component A : grey powder; Component B: white liquid.


    Component A : grey powder in paper sacks kg 25; Component B: white liquid plastic drums kg 8.


    Component A: 12 months; Component B: 24 months

Scheda Tecnica


POLIGUM is a bicomponent cementitious sheath, waterproof, high flexibility, based on cements, selected aggregates, specific admixtures, synthetic polymers in water dispersion, in compliance with EN 1540-2 regulation. Mixing the two components you will obtain a fluid paste, easy to apply, and thanks to the high content of synthetic resins and their quality, it has got an excellent bonding on any masonry or concrete surfaces, creating a flexible and waterproofing layer that which will remain unaltered over the time. It can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.


Poligum can be used both indoor and outdoor, as a flexible and waterproof protection of bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces, basins and pools, before the ceramic cladding. Flexible coating on plasters, screeds, concrete surfaces, micro-cracks in prefabricated buildings. Concrete surfaces protection subjects to the water action, smog, carbon dioxide, chlorides, sulfates etc. Earth retaining walls waterproofing. Waterproofing for pools and tanks.


Surfaces preparation: Substrates have to be in good conditions and solid, with no dust, oil, grease, or efflorescences traces. Possibly demolish and reconstruct any damaged part, letting them cure before the application of Poligum.


Pour the component B (liquid) into a clean container and, under mechanical mixing, add the component A (powder). Mix with drill at low speed, until you obtain a homogeneous lump free paste; avoid the air incorporation in the mixture; avoid to prepare the mixture manually.


Apply the product in two coats with a trowel, with 2mm of thickness for every layer. Dip the fiberglass mesh in the first layer, and after 4/6 hours apply the second layer. At the expansion joints, wall-to-floor or wall-to-wall transition, drains or pipes, apply the PLAST BAND butt hinge and special pieces (corners), glue them with the product itself. When the product is cured and dry, cover with ceramic tiles, applied with FLEX TOP 100 (C2T) adhesive of Plastimur s.r.l. Grout the joints with filler.