Monocomponent cementitious sheath


    Grey powder


    Paper sacks kg 20


    12 months in its original packaging on wood pallet in dry place


It is a monocomponent cementitious mortar, waterproof with high flexibility, based of cement, selected aggregates, specific admixtures, and synthetic flexible polymers. Kneading the product with water you obtain a mixture fluid easily applicable and, thanks to high content of polyesters and their quality, it has an excellent bonding on all the concrete and masonry surfaces (if only solid and clean), creating in this way a coat flexible and waterproofing.


Flexible and waterproofer protection of bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces, bath tube, before the laying of ceramic coverings.

Flexible cladding on plasters, screeds, concrete surfaces, microcrackings of prefabricated buildings. Concrete surfaces protection subject to water action, smog, carbon dioxide, chlorides, sulphates etc. Retaining walls’ waterproofing.



Substrates have to be in good conditions and solid, with no dust, oil, grease, or efflorescences traces. Possibly demolish and reconstruct any damaged part, letting them cure before the application of Monogum. If the surfaces to cover are rather absorbent, damp previously with water. In case of too much heating or wind, it is suggested to preserve the surface from a rapid evaporation.


Mix one sack of kg 20 with lt 5-6 of clean water with mixer or helix put in the drill at a low speed (about 500 rotation/min), until you obtain a homogeneous lump free paste. Let it stand and shake again briefly before the use.


Apply the product with brush, roller or trowel, in two coats at least, not exceeding 2 mm of thickness each coat, inserting one layer of the fibre glass mesh in the first coat; apply the second coat with intervals of at least 2-4 hours, no earlier than the first coat’s drying. To improve the elongation at break along horizontal and vertical surfaces and corners, use the elastic butt hinge PLAST BAND in polymer and synthetic elastomer to fix before the first coat of monogum.