Monocalce NHL

Plaster based on natural hydraulic lime

Monocalce NHL

    Light Hazel


    Paper sack of kg 25


    12 months at least, keeping the product in its original packaging stored in covered and dry place on wood palette


MONOCALCE NHL is a premixed mortar in powder cement free, based on natural hydraulic mortar NHL, selected sands, fibres and specific admixtures. It is suitable to realize new or historic-artistic plasters, stone masonry battens, etc..


The treatment with MONOCALCE NHL permit to realize transpiring plasters on every masonry substrates (tuff, brick, stones etc.) both internally and externally. Moreover it is possible to realize new reinforced plasters with the insertion of the zinc-plated electro welded mesh, on those surfaces that are not subject to rising damp, allowing the implementation of faced masonry.



Before the plastering with MONOCALCE NHL, remove the old plaster from the surfaces, through an energetic brushing and washing with water under low pressure, in order to remove dust, grime, salts, efflorescence, eventual crumbling mortar present in the masonry, and everything that can compromise a good adhesion of the plaster. If a consolidation of the surface is necessary, apply one or more coats of ALBUSIL CONSOLIDANTE. If it is necessary to plaster wide surfaces, we suggest to use a plastering machine to apply the product and set some tracks in order to obtain a perfect flatness of the plaster. During summer period, before the application of the product, it is recommended to soak to saturation the masonry in order to avoid cracking originated by a fast drying of the product. If it is necessary to realize reinforced plasters, insert in the plaster the metallic zinc-coated mesh cm 5x5 thickness 2 mm at least, fixed in the masonry through riveting or inserting wall plugs.


The product preparation can occur with a plastering machine with a continue mixing in case the product will be applied with the machine, or a cement mixer if you choose the application by hand.


Knead with the mixer 25 kg of MONOCALCE NHL with about 3-3,5 lt of clean water (minimum quantitative), mix for about 3-4 minutes in order to obtain an homogeneous mixture, and remove from the mixer the possible scattered powder. If it is necessary add more water until a maximum quantitative of 4,5 lt for one sack and mix for others 3-4 minutes in order to obtain a good paste for a trowel application. Apply plaster NHL with a trowel bottom-up, with a maximum thickness of 3 cm for each coat.


Put the contents of MONOCALCE NHL sack in the machine hopper (the most common are type PFT model G4-G5, Putzmeister MP25, Turbosol etc.), and regulate the flowmeter to a rate of about 300-400 l/h, basing on the desired consistency and the model of machine, until a thixotropic consistency is obtained. In case of thickness larger than 3 cm, it is necessary to realize several coats, on the previous non-trowelled coat (to improve the adhesion). After the application, wait few minutes and later regularize with an aluminum striker, in order to obtain a plane surface. The surface finishing, with plastic or sponge trowel, can be realized after few hours from the first application, also considering the environmental conditions. During hot periods, it is important to damp or to spray with water the exposed walls (in the 24/48 hours), in order to avoid a fast evaporation.


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