Normal Cementitious Adhesive


    Grey or White coloured powder


    Paper sack of kg 25


    12 months at least, keeping the product in its original packaging in dry place, and taking all the precautions normally adopted for cementitious products.


METAKOLL C1 is a normal cementitious adhesive, monocomponent, thick-layered in powder, conceived for the laying of tiles, marbles, mosaics etc, on cement mortar substrates. It can be used for interior or exterior application; it is composed of hydraulic binders, selected aggregates, and specific admixtures.


It can be used for interior or exterior application, both for walls and floorings. The substrates where the product can be applied must be absorbent surfaces like cement plaster or mixed lime plasters, cement screeds. It can not be used on the following substrates: gypsum, wood, metals, rubber floorings.



To apply the product substrates must be planar, stable, hard, dry, clean and absorbent.


Mix one sack of kg 25 with 6-7 liter of clean water, and knead with mixer or helix mixer put in the drill at low speed until you obtain a homogeneous lump free paste. Let stand the mixture for about 5-10 minutes and shake it again briefly before the use.


Apply the adhesive with a notched trowel in the thickness required, taking care to push the product on the substrate with the smooth side of the trowel. Make sure before the application that no film on surface has been formed, in this case apply again a bit of fresh product with the trowel; beat accurately the tiles in order to allow a good wetting of the tile itself. Apply the adhesive on the back of the tiles in order to obtain a complete wetting. In adverse weather conditions (wind, sunlight, high temperatures), the open time could be reduced to a few minutes, so it will be necessary to continuously check that the adhesive has not formed a non-stick glazing, otherwise renew the adhesive. It is not necessary to wet the tiles before the installation, unless they are very dusty. The product can be mixed with TOP LATEX of PLastimur s.r.l, in order to obtain a suitable adhesive to fix tiles on extremely difficult substrates, improving further the level of the adhesion and elasticity. Coatings applied with METAKOLL don’t have to be washed or suffer rain for 24 hours at least, and must be protected from frost and sunlight for one week least.


The joints between tiles can be grouted after 24 hours on the flooring and after 8/10 hours on the walls.