Malta Osmotica

Cementitious mortar waterproof osmotic-action

Malta Osmotica

    White or Grey powder


    Paper sacks kg 25


    12 months at least in its original packaging on wood pallet in dry place far from humidity.


MALTA OSMOTICA (osmotic mortar) is a waterproof cementitious mortar bi-hermetic, resistant to aggressive water for thrust and counter-thrust works, composed of cement, selected aggregates in different granulometries and specific admixtures.


Waterproofing in thrust and counter-thrust of walls, cellars, graves for elevators shaft, basement spaces; structures for water containment, canals, tanks, pools, slabs, plinths and foundation walls. Concretes cured for at least one month, cement blocks masonries, solid and mixed bricks masonries.



Substrates must be clean, continuous and accurately soaked to saturation, so it is recommended to clean previously the laying surface, removing the detaching parts and any eventual oil and/or form release agents residuals, through washing under pressure.


Mix one sack of MALTA OSMOTICA (osmotic mortar) kg 25 with lt 6,0-6,5 of clean water in mixer at low speed, until you obtain a semi-fluid, homogeneous, free lump paste. Let it stand for 5/10 minutes and then mix again, not adding water.


Wet all the surfaces abundantly with clean water, soak to saturation, apply the mixture with trowel and smooth with brush or scrubbing brush, in two coats at least, the second one after the first one’s gripping. It is also possible to smooth before the application of coloured thick-layered coatings; in this case it is suggested to wet after 24 hours from the application, to let the product complete the stabilization cycle, then cure it.

The product can be also applied through spray, just increasing the water quantity for the mixture. In case of flooring employ cover after 12 hours at least and no later than 24 the osmotic mortar with a light sand and cement render and a screed of 4-5 cm at least