Likestone Monostrato

Monocomponent low thickness mortar for floorings

Likestone Monostrato

    dyes from colour chart


    Paper sacks of kg 25


    12 months at least in its original packaging on wood pallet in dry place.


Likestone Monostrato is a monocomponent coloured mortar to be mixed with water before use, to realize low thickness print flooring for interior or exterior. It is resistant to kinetic and static frictions, with an uniform colouring and with light and alkali stability. It is made by cements, sands, quartz aggregates, with a well closed grading curve, fibres, pigments light stability, and specific admixtures which give resistance and stability over time.


Every surface must be uniform and cured, free of oils, greases, any dirt, moulds, paint, and everything that can compromise a good adhesion of the mortar. It is used on cementitious screed, existing concretes, old floorings etc.; to realize streets, squares, pool sides, terraces, sidewalk etc..


If the surface to coat is a cementitious screed, just wet it; but if it is an unequal surface or old ceramics or bricks, it is good to apply before a coat of RASOGRESS PLUS and let dry. Mix a sack of 25 kg with 4-4,5 lt of water, apply the mortar with a thickness between 10 mm and 20 mm and work it until a smooth an homogeneous surface is obtained and let rest for the necessary time; then apply on the surface LIKESTONE DISTACCANTE P and immediately print. After 12/24 hours proceed to the cleaning and possible adjustments of the printed surface. After 2/3 days proceed with the application of two coats of ALBUSIL VERNICE.