Likestone Intonaco

Mouldable Mortar for walls

Likestone Intonaco

    White or stone Ivory. On request other coloured dyes are available.


    Paper sacks kg 25


    12 months at least in its original packaging on wood pallet in dry place


Premixed mouldable mortar, in powder, based on cement, selected sands and specific admixtures, conceived for the realization of plasters to mould, suitable for indoors and outdoors, decoration of walls, baseboards, counters etc. It is applied directly on the pre-existing rough and absorbent plasters, on clay bricks; shaped with rubber moulds, in order to obtain masonry imitations, like stones, bricks etc.; it can also be shaped with hand-crafted systems made customized. Resistant to all the atmospheric agents, therefore suitable for every urban, marine, industrial environmentals.


Thanks to its thixotropic workability, obtained from cements modified with synthetic polymers, it is a mortar particularly suitable for the following application fields: new and old plasters, clay bricks, bricks, concrete, plasterboard panels, after the application of a rough coat application.


Substrates must be sturdy and clean, not deformable or degradable. Before the application damp the substrates; roughen the surfaces which are too smooth. Do not apply the product on substrates which are waterproof, on gypsum, paintings, plastic coatings and any other surface where the bonding can be difficult.


Mix one sack of LIKESTONE INTONACO with about 4,5-5 lt of clean water, with mixer at low number of rotations or with cement mixer, for 5-6 minutes until you obtain an homogeneous lump-free paste. Leti t stand for at least 5-6 minutes and then mix again.


Apply the mixed product like a traditional plaster, manually or mechanically, in a thickness of 10 mm minimum and 30 mm maximum; apply it in only one coat. When the surface of the product applied has been smoothed, it can be finished in different ways: hand-crafted techniques, or through rubber moulds damp with LIKESTONE DISTACCANTE L, in order to achieved the desired drawing, like stones, bricks etc, imprinting the mould directly on the coating until the chosen draw is obtained.