Likestone Corazzante

Finishing hardened for floorings

Likestone Corazzante

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    Paper sacks kg 25


    12 months at least in its original packaging on wood pallet in dry place


Likestone Corazzante (hardener) is a product in powder, ready to use, used for the decoration and protection of concrete surfaces; it gives to them high resistance to smoothing and rolling frictions, intense and uniform colouring, light and alkali resistant. It is composed of cements, sands and quartz aggregates with well closed grading curve, pigments light-stability and specific admixtures which give resistance and stability over time.


It is specificly employed for decoration and protection of any typology and traffic concrete surfaces, for interior and exterior areas as: civil, commercial and industrial buildings, urban areas, old towns, villa, poolsides, and any other areas where you can obtain a flooring decorative and resistant overtime.


It has to apply on concrete still fresh, application and pouncing in two or more coats, the first one abundantly, about 1,5-2,5 kg/m2, to apply uniforming all the surface; wait the product is perfectly wet, then work it with adequate tools; apply a second pouncing, about 1,0-2,0 kg/m2, wait again it becomes wet and complete the work. The average consumption of LIKESTONE CORAZZANTE is about 2,5-3,0 kg/m2, whereas on heavy and intense traffic floorings like streets, access ramps, areas for goods heavy vehicles etc, it is suggested to increase the quantity to 4-5 kg/m2.


After the substrate preparation, definition of the thickness, the reinforcement, and the flooring standards, proceed with the concrete laying, smooth the surfaces with adequate tools, pouncing in two or more coats of LIKESTONE CORAZZANTE; for each pouncing application the smoothing will be effectuated to incorporate the product into the concrete surface. Continue with the pouncing of LIKESTONE DISTACCANTE ā€œPā€; then apply the the desired moulds and beat them to stamp the motif on the surface; after 2-3 days proceed with the surface washing; after 1-2 days apply two coats of Albusil Vernice.