Intocolor KR-KRF

Mineral-base coating

Intocolor KR-KRF

    24 dyes from colours chart. Dyes apart from the chart can be requested


    Paper sack of kg 25


    12 months in its original packaging on wood pallet far from humidity


INTOCOLOR is a mineral colored coating in powder, transpiring and water-repellent; it is used for the protection and the decoration of new buildings and it is also suitable for the restoration of historical buildings to keep their ancient tradition effect. It is made of selected marbles powders in different granulometries, hydraulic binders, lime, pigments with an excellent light stability, and specific admixtures.

Intocolor is available in two different granulometries:

INTOCOLOR KR: granule diameter max 1 mm

INTOCOLOR KRF: granule diameter max 0,6 mm


Thanks to its mineral-based composition and its look, it is suitable for the finishing of ancient historic buildings as well as for new buildings coverings.



INTOCOLR must be applied on substrate based on cement mortars, premixed plasters, improvement plasters etc.; on those substrates that present saltpeter efflorescence, effectuate previously a renovation with the dehumidifying plaster IDROSTOP (see the technical sheet). In case of ancient buildings restoration, in order to guarantee a good transpiration, it is suggested to remove any plastic coatings before the application. Level eventual substrate irregularities.


Mix one sack of INTOCOLOR with lt 6,0-6,5 of clean water with a mechanical mixer at low speed until you obtain a thick lump free paste; Let it stand for 10-15 minutes at least.


Apply the product in two coats; it is suggested to previously apply a coat of ALBUSIL FISSATIVO minerale (transpiring fixative to make uniform the absorption and consolidate the surface where the product will be employed). The first coat is applied by means of inox trowel with a uniform thickness of 1 mm, to level the substrate; let dry for 10/12 hours at least (depending on the temperature and the relative humidity). The second coat is applied by means of inox trowel with a uniform thickness of 1 mm and finished with a felt sponge for a sponge finishing, or with a plastic trowel for a line finishing.