Premixed dehumidifying Plaster


    Grey Powder


    Papersack of kg 25


    12 months at least, keeping the product in its original packaging stored in covered and dry place on wood palette.


IDROSTOP is a premixed dehumidifying plaster, based on lime, cement, selected sands with the addition of active substances concentrated, and it is particularly suitable for the improvement of moist brackish masonry, of historical interest too. The complete treatment with IDROSTOP guarantees the interruption of those salts that remain in solid state inside the masonry, avoiding that they will penetrate inside the plaster, where through crystallization can cause its degradation. Moreover it transforms the rising damp in water vapor; this vapor is largely absorbed by the plaster, thanks to its structure rich of micro-porous that are connected by a net of fine capillaries, and so expelled outside.


IDROSTOP can be applied for both internal and external uses, on any kind of wall except for the gypsum, crumbling surfaces and surfaces which present water infiltrations. It is suitable for historic centers restorations and new buildings which present rising damp.


Before the repair treatment with IDROSTOP, remove the plaster that present rising humidity or saltpeter, up to 50 cm over the level reached by the water during the seasons. Remove the plaster from the surfaces, and proceed brushing them energetically, wash with clean water under pressure to eliminate dust, grime, fluorescence, and eventual crumbling mortar present inside the bricks. Implement the treatment with ALBUSIL ANTISALE trough brush or spry, on the dry and solid masonry.


For the plastering mix IDROSTOP with about 4,5 lt (18%) of clean water (minimum amount), with a mixer or with a concrete mixer. Mix and verify that the mixture is well blended, remove the possible scattered powder and eventually add more water. Continue to knead for 3-4 minutes in order to obtain a fluid paste suitable for a good trowel application.


Apply the product (IDROSTOP) in a first rendering and let it dry. Later continue with the application to fill and regulate the surface, also with more than two coats fresh to fresh. It is important that the mixture has a cellular and light appearance, that indicateshigh content of air. If the mix mortar rests for more than 15/20 minutes, mix again for 3/4 minutes before the use. To obtain a good result of the masonry improvement, it is important that the plaster thickness is not lower than 2 cm. If the plaster thickness to realize on the damaged masonry is higher (5/6cm or more), provide for a repair treatment with ALBUSIL ANTISALE, and then realize a normal straightening plaster with a mesh, employing on its the IDROSTOP plaster realizing a thickness not lower than 2 cm.