Filler for Tile Joints

Sealant for tile joints

Filler for Tile Joints

    White or Coloured


    Sacks kg 5 and 25


    12 months in its original packaging on wood pallet far from humidity


Sealant for tile joints in powder cement-base, monocomponent, waterproof, excellent bonding, excellent stability at UV rays, frost-proof.


Filler F: for joints up to 4 mm

Filler G: for joints from 4 to 20 mm

Filler for: ceramic tiles, natural stones, mosaics, cotto tiles, marble, crushed marble, on glass-cement walls.

In particular conditions of frequent washing or of particular flexibility, it is suggested to mix the product with latex TOP LATEX.



For materials which have a porous surface like the cotto for example, it is necessary a previous adequate wax coating, being careful in not involving also the joints. The joints to fill have to be clean and completely free from glue or mortar for the entire thickness.


Mix the product in powder with clean water, with a mixer at low number of rotations, respecting the ratio suggested, until you obtain a homogeneous lump free paste. Consider that the dough for the filler of the tile joint can be fluider than the dough for the walls filler. Apply the product into the joints free from glue or mortar with a rubber trowel or brooming machine, taking care of filling well the joints.Proceed with the cleaning by means of sponge in transversal direction of the joints. In case of using the product adding the latex (Top latex), dilute with water in ratio 1:2, and add the powder to the solution until you obtain a dough homogeneous.