External Insulation system or Insulation coating, products and advantages

2011 November 23

Insulation System is a new products and accessories category of our website, available for our clients for the Thermal Insulation of new building industry.

The coat insulation system allows more comfort for houses and energy saving in terms of houses cooling and heating. Moreover, all the houses interventions for the saving energy improvement are tax-deductible at 55%. On the website are also available all the products data sheets in pdf format you can download at the section “Products – Insulation System”. Moreover the Plastimur staff is at your complete disposal for information and suggestions about the products and building materials necessary for an efficient thermal insulation system.

In the section “Insulating system” you can consult information about the following products:

AIPOR polystyrene: polystyrene panels for thermal insulating system.

PVC DRIP EDGE PROFILE: PVC profile with exposed drip edge with mesh.

ALUMINUM CONTOUR: departure contour in natural aluminum for insulating system.

PVC CORNER BEAD: corner bead in PVC with mesh

MESH FOR REINFORCED SMOOTHING: fiberglass mesh for thermal insulating system

POLYPROPYLENE DOWEL: fastening with pin for insulating panels

Also please note of our adhesive and skim coats for thermal insulating plaster:

RASOCEM KR: adhesive and skim coat for thermal insulating plaster

RASOCEM: skim coat adhesive in paste

FLEX TOP 100 (C2T): Improved slip-resistant Cementitious Adhesive

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