Acrivel Silossanica

Semi-covering siloxane solution

Acrivel Silossanica

    36 dyes from colours chart – more than 170 colourings from Plastimur swatch book. Moreover, with the new tintometer colourization system, it is possible to obtain countless paints.


    Plastic drums of lt 4 and 13


    12 months at least in its original packaging far from low and high temperatures


Semi-covering solution for glazing, based on acrylic-siloxane resins in water dispersion, micronized charges, specific admixtures, inorganic pigments with an excellent light stability. ACRIVEL SILOSSANICA is a easy to apply solution to realize glazing on surfaces with a good and long lasting appearance, thanks to the technique performances of the product. Thank to its waterproofing characteristic and good water vapour permeability at the same time, it allows the masonry high transpiration and realization of surfaces with particular chromatic effects, both indoor and outdoor; where high transpiration, waterproofing and protection are requested. To enhance the final effect, it is suggested that the dyes at the base of SUPER AL QUARZO AI SILOSSANI and those of ACRIVEL SILOSSANICA are contrasting.


ACRIVEL SILOSSANICA is a semi-covering solution for glazing applicable for external or internal surfaces, previously treated with paintings SUPER AL QUARZO AI SILOSSANI of Plastimur s.r.l.


The substrate must be smoothed, solid, and free from detaching parts, oils, greases, dust, humidity and saltpeter. Possible crumbling substrate must be consolidated before the product application.


Product ready to use


Apply on smooth or rough surfaces, previously treated with SUPER AL QUARZO AI SILOSSANI, in one or more coats of ACRIVEL SILOSSANICA with brush or roller, or through a sponge pad in order to create, through craft techniques, chiaroscuro effects achieving the desired result.